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Veronica N. Cuyugan

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Life Coach

I am an Auburn University OPCE triple certified life coach. One of the greatest privileges I've experienced has been guiding my clients to design their lives. Bliss is key to growing into one's highest potential. Let's co-create together! I personally respond to every applicant.

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It’s OK to Feel

The original title of this post was "It's OK to be Sad." However, after a brief text conversation with a friend, it felt more adequate to leave the emotion open-ended. We are all born with the ability to feel. The verb definition of feel is to experience. For the intents…
brave, veronica cuyugan, love, kind, good

Be Kind, Be Good, Be Brave

In my book, Become Your Own Bliss, I reach back into my formative years to share the roots of my personality with my readers. Much of what I practiced in writing that book was literally the revisiting of painful experiences, then exploiting them in hopes of uplifting my readers. It wasn't…
freedom, Veronica N. Cuyugan, 2016

2016: My Declaration of Freedom

Fresh starts, love, and growth all evoke freedom; it's only fitting that I open up to everything that word encompasses as my theme for 2016. I'm ready for more big changes and blissing out even when I'm in the midst of chaos. Last year, I began the practice of declaring…
ignorance is not bliss, bliss, veronica n. cuyugan

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

When I first realized that the word bliss resonated with me in a way that no other word affected me, the statement I most often read that term used within was "Ignorance is bliss." by Thomas Gray. As I dove deeper into this word that stuck a chord with my soul,…
Veronica Cuyugan, #ThisIs30, Become Your Own Bliss

This is 30

Turning 30 years old has been something I've been looking forward to since the beginning of my 20's. Many cling to the notion that age is nothing than a number, but for some reason, this birthday feels profoundly different. I've heard many dread this year (especially the childless and unmarried),…
grief, bliss, love, ache, become your own bliss, Veronica N. Cuyugan

5 Things Grief-Stricken People Don’t Want to Hear

When ...someone tells you they have cancer. ...someone loses someone they love. ...someone experiences a pain that is unfathomable and beyond your realm of understanding and experience, DO NOT say "Everything happens for a reason." If they're too polite to say it out loud, I'm fairly certain they're mentally screaming…
veronica n cuyugan, bikini, body, love, summer

Summer Bikini Body Love

Hey Boo, Love your body. It'll be the only one you'll ever have to wear. Kisses, Vx The Summer Solstice is upon us, and although most of you have experienced maddeningly hot temperatures, this means that summer is officially upon us. Can you believe that 2015 is halfway over? I can't.…
Raw Green Organics, vegan, organic, raw, cleanse

4 Week Vegan #DailyDetox with Raw Green Organics RawJuvenate Detox Cleanse

What does a girl who has everything her heart desires give herself as a gift? An organic, vegan, raw cleanse. Detoxing was the only thing I could think of to give my body for my upcoming 30th birthday. Today is the first day of my 4 Week vegan organic detox…
insecurity, education, veronica n cuyugan, writer, bliss

My Greatest Insecurity

When I was 25, I left college. I had taken my sweet time working on my associate's degree at Valencia College, where I learned so much about myself and the world around me. Growing within the world of academia was an indulgence because I loved to learn. The process of learning…
close call

What my Close Call with Death Reminded me About Life

I had a close call recently, and it was the strangest thing. My compact sedan was seconds away from being t-boned by a moving truck, and I knew that had the driver struck my car, I would have ceased to exist. The strange part is that when I felt moments…