Month: June 2015

Summer Bikini Body Love

Hey Boo,

Love your body. It’ll be the only one you’ll ever have to wear.


The Summer Solstice is upon us, and although most of you have experienced maddeningly hot temperatures, this means that summer is officially upon us. Can you believe that 2015 is halfway over? I can’t. This year has flown by. As I look back on the notes I took in January regarding the Annual theme I set for this year was Manifesting, and so far, so good.

One thing I do need to work on is loving my body more, and not just in terms of self-care, but also how I react to myself mentally and emotionally in the mirror. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia for most of my adult life. I was also bulimic for over a decade. Although I no longer binge and purge (I’ve healed my relationship with food), I still don’t see myself clearly, and only very recently have I been able to love the image I see in the mirror and in photographs regardless of how they may appear.

I will only be living in this gorgeous Florida beach town for a few more months, and while I’m still here, I plan to enjoy the shit out of wearing my bikini while I head to the beach as a practice of self-love. I’ll be writing more about health, fitness, and holism in the coming months. I’ve been on an incredibly challenging and rewarding journey in terms of body image in the past 2 years, and the project I’ve taken on excites me like no other. I’ll write more about it soon.

In the meantime, love your body in every way you can. Enjoy the sunshine and the breeze, wherever you may be.

What are your summer plans?

How do you plan to honor your body this season?

4 Week Vegan #DailyDetox with Raw Green Organics RawJuvenate Detox Cleanse

What does a girl who has everything her heart desires give herself as a gift? An organic, vegan, raw cleanse.

Detoxing was the only thing I could think of to give my body for my upcoming 30th birthday.

Today is the first day of my 4 Week vegan organic detox cleanse by Raw Green Organics, and I gotta tell ya, I. FEEL.AMAZING!

I’ve done juice fasts, coconut water fasts, raw food cleanses and the like, and the one thing I experienced in common with those cleanses is that on the first day, I felt like absolute garbage. The stuff that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe when you aren’t watching where you were stepping? THAT bad.

Not with the RawJuvenate Complete Detox System!

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My Greatest Insecurity

When I was 25, I left college. I had taken my sweet time working on my associate’s degree at Valencia College, where I learned so much about myself and the world around me. Growing within the world of academia was an indulgence because I loved to learn. The process of learning in the arena of higher education was something I was good at, but I had better ideas about my future. I wanted to start companies; make some money. I wanted to start these business ventures by figuring out the way to build them from the bottom up in ways that perhaps were never explored before.

Shortly after I made my decision to take a break from my studies, I walked into a bookstore because I was craving guidance. What better place to find guidance about life choices than a bookstore?  I made a major life decision and what followed the peace was insecurity. I exhaled a tiny request from the Universe: “Was I right about leaving college?”

The first book I laid my eyes upon was The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg (an intensely unique soul I am grateful and humbled to call my friend). I read the book from cover to cover and within those pages, I found relief. I was relieved to read about a plethora of successful founders who opted to forego post-secondary education. I felt as though I had stumbled upon my ilk. Of course, I have yet to experience the astronomical success the interviewees within the book have created for themselves, but I felt as though I was given permission by the Universe by way of Mr. Ellsberg, to move forward in the way my instincts were guiding me.

I was on my way to entrepreneurial success.

It’s been nearly 5 years since my break from college, and I am feeling the itch to return. I find myself referring to moments and lessons during college that have enriched my life. Sure, I’ve learned much by failing on my own and living forward – both have been instrumental in my growth as a person, writer, and coach.

When I was 19, my mom gave me a simple life suggestion.

“People have an average of 3 careers in their lifetime in order to avoid burnout.”

That bulb has been shining brightly within the realm of my consciousness ever since.

I have been feeling myself being drawn towards social issues that ignite and highlight the injustices that run so rampant today. With the advent of social media and 24-hour news cycle, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the plight of the oppressed. I work in teaching people to go within to seek their bliss, and I find myself applying my own lessons on a daily basis because learning about the human tendency to righteously victimize one another with no sense of accountability or remorse is something that keeps my inner Hulk wanting to smash.

How can I help?

What can I do?

My answers to these questions lie in my determination to further my own education both as an act of self-enrichment, but also as a way to better serve the human race. I am well aware of the talents and capabilities I possess, and if I do not expand my abilities, I will not only do myself and my future children a great disservice, but I will also cheat those I could potentially be a voice for.

What my Close Call with Death Reminded me About Life

I had a close call recently, and it was the strangest thing. My compact sedan was seconds away from being t-boned by a moving truck, and I knew that had the driver struck my car, I would have ceased to exist. The strange part is that when I felt moments away from death, I wasn’t fearful. I thought my death was imminent and I was at peace. I thought of my family.

To summarize, I was making a left turn on my way home from Target. The light was green, and the oncoming traffic was steady. There was a short break, and this oncoming truck had his right blinker on. There was a gap, and I took  the turn. Up until a couple of days ago, I never trusted people’s blinkers. In a split second, I floored into my turn, and the truck didn’t seem to slow down (I don’t think the driver could have).

Before you tell yourself a joke about an Asian woman driving, I’d like the point out that the latest vehicular accident death statistic is around 3,200 people who perish per day in car crashes (statistics from Assosication for Safe International Road Travel).

I was shaken and surprised that there was no loud crash, no shredded car, and that I was still breathing. I really did think I was going to die. And in that moment, I felt the weight of everything I always wanted to do but have never done. I wondered what I had been waiting for. I was so grateful. I inhaled deeply and savored the sensation of air filling my lungs.

I remembered that it had been a while since I did something that scared me. 

That I couldn’t remember the last time I watched a sunset, or a sunrise for that matter. 

I don’t enjoy selfies enough. 

I have to get these books out. 

I must serve more people. Who can I help?

I must love more people and animals and flowers.

I gotta plant more trees. 

I’m leaving Florida; I should surf while I’m here. 

I must become a billionaire so that I can save animals and parts of this planet. 

The list goes on. I’ll take it one day at a time, make an impact in the space I occupy and serve those who are open to me.