The Bliss in Knowing

Veronica N. Cuyugan

“In order for the seeds to be planted, the surface must first be disrupted.”

For most of my young, adult life, I’ve grappled with what it means to be a “good woman.”

I’ve somehow inherited the notion – the lie – which states that my fundamental goodness was based upon my ability to be obedient. Internally, I’ve always felt the desire to “F%ck sh!t up,” in the best ways possible.

As much as I felt the pressure to want to be quiet and to play nice; to be like those who move along with the tide, I so desperately sought permission to swim against it.

I’m so grateful that I learned sooner than later that I don’t need permission to be myself. There’s no shame in wanting to be who I am. And that I would miss a lifetime of opportunities if I didn’t utilize my time and talents unabashedly in order to elevate those who are open to it.

Ever since I made the decision to go into the bliss business, I’ve sought to disprove that “Ignorance is bliss.” Even the ignorant should have a deep-seated instinct that alerts them to what is right and wrong. Just because society says it is so does not mean it is the correct and dignified thing for everyone.

So I committed to this exercise. On a daily basis, I would do one thing or write about a subject that made me deeply uncomfortable because I knew what doing the thing or writing the words would ensue. It would make people roll their eyes, or they would choose to be offended, or they would decide they wanted to have nothing to do with me.

All of these three instances and all other related instances made me realize one thing. They didn’t affect me. Even when a discussion turned into a sh!t show, it didn’t matter, because I learned firsthand that bliss doesn’t lie in ignorance, rather in the realization that there is something more, something greater, than my formerly small perspective.



Posted on: May 15, 2015

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