This is 30

Veronica Cuyugan, #ThisIs30, Become Your Own Bliss

Turning 30 years old has been something I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of my 20’s. Many cling to the notion that age is nothing than a number, but for some reason, this birthday feels profoundly different. I’ve heard many dread this year (especially the childless and unmarried), but from what I’ve seen, those same people have grown into their own and are enjoying life on a different level. Like most things in life, perspective is EVERYTHING.

Twenties are for mistakes. Stupid ones, smart ones, big ones, little ones, and hopefully, curable ones. Mistakes are meant to sting for a second but then are followed by wisdom.

Like you, I spent most of my life waiting – waiting on the perfect time, for the perfect opportunities, for the perfect person.

Perfection exists in every moment that feels right to you, so stop waiting.

The freedom that accompanies turning 30 has been mind-blowing, and I can only imagine it growing from this point forward. I’ve released a lot of the past, especially, what I used to cling to for the sake of my own comfort and happiness. In Become Your Own Bliss, I wrote about emotional and mental expedience and how important it is to refrain from giving so much of one’s self that the person is left with little to nothing.

Moving forward is a step forward. Every day is a step forward from whatever held you back yesterday. Keep moving. Keep striving. Choose growth and love and pleasure and growing pains.

So, this is 30. It’s been nothing but love, awesomeness, and badassery… More, please.



Posted on: September 14, 2015

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